Why Tuesdays are Really the Worst day of the Week

Everyone complains about Monday. Sure, probably for good reason – it is the end of the weekend. You have to go back to work or back to class. You have to try and revive your brain after the party platter of booze you served it all weekend. But there are a few factors that we often forget to calculate when it comes to the allocation of hatred for the days of the week.

First, think about what Monday is bringing to the metaphorical table.

Believe it or not Monday comes as a relief to some. Sure, this might only apply to those whose Sunday was consumed by enduring a hangover of Vegas proportions. And there are those who got volunteered to spend the weekend moving their grandma into her new house, and her 1960’s furniture is wider than the door of any house built in the last 25 years. So, you end up spending an extra couple hours smashing your fingers into door frames trying to carry an over-sized dresser with marble legs through the 3rd bedroom door.

Monday has its positive arguments as well, Monday can also be a day of feeling recharged after a relaxing weekend.

You are still riding the high of your football team winning their divisional match-up on Sunday afternoon. The most thought you put into anything was whether to have a beer before dinner or not. You are still hanging on to a piece of the freedom you felt from the weekend, and life during the week hasn’t quite entirely crushed your spirit yet. Plus, Monday is a busy day, which makes the time go by faster anyways.

Then, there is Tuesday. Something we all have to suffer through in order to get on to better things.

Tuesday is that bread bubble in the middle of a pizza slice.
Tuesday is commercials on Spotify.
Tuesday is Rocky 5.

There is nothing about Tuesday that is worth looking forward to. On Wednesday we can at least remind ourselves that we are halfway through the week, but Tuesday, it has nothing to offer.

So when Sunday rolls around and you are starting to get those Monday blues, just remind yourself that you have one more day until the worst day of the week really hits.

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