5 Reasons Why I Fill Out Consumer Surveys

5 Reasons Why I Fill Out Consumer Surveys

By Carter Severns

  1.   I’ve been there

I worked retail in college and know what it felt like to get positive customer feedback and how difficult it actually was to do. Where I worked we got rewarded if a customer mentioned our name in a survey. For every one name mentioned, there were easily 10 surveys complaining about a bad customer experience. In my personal-professional opinion I would bet that 75% of surveys taken are to report negative experiences. Too often good service goes unrecognized, probably because anger is more compelling to act upon than satisfaction is.

Beyond just surveys, my experience in the service industry has also lead me to have no problem calling a manager over to tell them their server did a great job. Telling their supervisor directly, face-to-face, has more impact than filling out a survey after the fact.


  1.   Feedback is Essential

If you went through your entire life without any kind of feedback you’d be going in circles. Even the most basic form of feedback starts as children. When your parents showed any type of emotion towards you for something you did, good or bad, that’s feedback. How else will companies know how to improve if you don’t tell them?

The same applies in my professional career. I always want direct, transparent feedback whether it is good or bad.


  1. Free Stuff

The most obvious answer is this one. Nearly every restaurant this side of the Mississippi offers some time of discount or free food item when you fill out a survey. Some places will give you gift cards for giving them a few minutes of your precious time.

In my mind, if I get a $5 return for taking a 5 minute survey, that’s a pretty decent time to money ratio.  However, based on my extensive research in the form of casually asking my co-workers, I must note that it is significantly less likely for people to fill out surveys if it’s a two-step process. i.e. getting a receipt that tells you to go to a website to fill out the survey. The less steps required, the better. Duh.


  1. Less Confrontation

I am a people-pleaser deep down and often shy away from conflict whenever possible. If a restaurant messes up my order, I am almost always just going to eat it and then complain later from behind the safety of my phone. Like I said in #1, I will be happy to tell a manager that their server provided great service. But you’ll never catch me calling a manager over to tell them my server was less than satisfactory. That is possibly the most uncomfortable thing ever.


  1. Insight

What better way to know what companies care about? They are telling you exactly that based on the questions they ask in their survey. It could be possible that these companies value things that had never occurred to you. Which in turn can help you in evaluating both your own communication & service skills. These two skills are essential in nearly every realm of your professional career.



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