11 Peculiar Job Titles People Actually have on LinkedIn

11 Peculiar Job Titles People Actually have on LinkedIn

By Carter Severns

If you use LinkedIn you know it is always suggesting people for you to add to your professional network. If you aren’t familiar, basically, an email arrives in your inbox about once a week with a list of 3 people you should connect with. Usually the suggestions are the mother of your childhood friend from elementary school, a guy you met once in the break-room at your first job and an English professor from your sophomore year at community college – yes, these are real examples from my suggested connections.

But have you ever actually clicked the “People you may know” icon, selected “see all” in the dropdown and let Linkedin algorithms work their dark, connection-assuming magic?


You will be immediately consumed by the never ending list of people that LinkedIn somehow thinks you should connect with.

I saw the profiles of a couple hundred people I had never met before. I started reading their job titles under their profile pictures and stumbled upon some incredibly entertaining ones. Here are the top 11 in no particular order. And yes, these are real, as are my reactions:


Typically this isn’t how people handle job-searching on LinkedIn. Maybe they were upset about paying for a college degree only to find they still can’t get a job?

2. “Owner”

Ok, I get that, but owner of what? I own a lot of things, guy.

3. “Traveling Yogaman”

Not even sure where to start with this one, but I am incredibly curious what a day as a Traveling Yogaman consists of. I picture someone in the aisle of an airplane trying to perfect their downward dog.

Image Credit: metro.co.uk

I googled ‘yoga on a plane’ and sure enough there was an article on Metro from which the glorious image above was obtained.

4. “I guess tattooing fits in here.”

Yes, yes it does my friend.

5. “NA”

Really? Your job title doesn’t apply on a career-based social platform?

6. “Potency over Power”

I’ll just assume you’re a chemist.

7. “Analyst of Life”

I’ll admit I am intrigued, but what department does this fall under?

Gotta love manipulating stock photography.
Gotta love manipulating stock photography.


8. “Mobile Advocate”

Why don’t we all just start stringing together buzzwords?

9. “Partner”

There is a clear indication that this probably refers to, but I chose to see it as my own type of partner:

Swing your partner round n’ round.

10. “Retired after 25 years”

So you’re just here to brag or what?

11. “Food & Beverage”

Where do I apply??

Have more interesting job titles to add? Leave it in the comments.


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