My 3 Simple Tips for Early Career Success

1. The first would be to never stop learning, which will surface again in point #3. I utilize twitter specifically to follow industry and thought leaders to stay up on new technology and trends within marketing. I follow blogs and podcasts of people who are on the cutting edge and pushing the envelope, then find ways to apply what I learn to my actual situation.


2. The second would be to find a mentor, even if that is not a direct mentor-ship. Find someone in your company that is successful then watch and observe how they go about their day. Watch how they interact with others, how they communicate, how they handle certain situations, etc. If you can get them to agree to mentor you directly or at least sit down with you once a week then that is even better.


3. Lastly would be to find a side hustle that forces you to develop new skills. Start a blog, take up photography, build a website, etc. Whatever you can do to expand your knowledge with hands-on experience outside of what your daily responsibilities are at your actual job. To me this one is probably the most important. I would absolutely not have the job I have today if I only had the skills I learned while at my actual jobs. You have to increase your knowledge to increase your value.


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