Carter C. Severns

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Hi there.

I’m Carter Severns, welcome to my website.

First, let me explain the title. I will do that in the simplest way possible:

Aspire – verb (used without object), aspired, aspiring. 1. to long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, especially for something great or of high value.

Hustle – verb (used without object), hustled, hustling.
1. to proceed or work rapidly or energetically.


I created this site as a blog, portfolio and a place to share my insight into some of the things I am passionate about. I am a 26 year-old digital marketer, blogger, social media junkie, avid Dallas sports fan and amateur photographer.

I spend a lot of time consuming. I don’t mean the consuming that you are thinking of, I mean consuming nearly anything and everything I can find in the realm of marketing, entrepreneurship & the digital space in general. Whether it is online, books, social media or conversations with co-workers; I am on a never-ending quest for more insight and knowledge about the world around me.

By day I run a digital marketing team for a software company, and by night I do everything else I just mentioned. And by night I mean really mean by night. I am a Texas State University graduate, and shortly after graduation I realized I needed more than a 9-5 to satisfy my entrepreneurial spirit. So my passions have spread to this website as well as many other ventures that I hope will lead me to achieve what I aspire to and I know I must hustle to do just that.

Want to tell me your secrets?

Drop me a line here. I’ll be sure to get back to you.


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